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my anxiety has a loophole that if somebody is else is equally or more uncomfortable I develop the sudden ability to Do The Thing

i cant go and ask for more ketchup for myself but if my friend wants more ketchup im out of my seat in a second

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wanted to combine two of my favorite fandoms; please welcome our new neighbors – starters from all gens thus far (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و 

also my rowlet is wrecking face right now

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* yaay  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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my 2016 most anticipated

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you construct intricate rituals 

it’s not gay if it’s for ghosts

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It’s that time again! I recently passed another crazy milestone and I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the support that my blog continues to get by giving a little something back <3


I have done many giveaways before, and usually I have to save up for weeks so that I can afford to buy the items for them. This time, I was lucky enough to stumble across and they kindly offered to provide me with these awesome Studio Ghibli figures in return for a simple mention here. In my mind, it’s a win/win situation. I get to provide you with more free Ghibli goodies, and it means I don’t have to do without food, hehe. ^__^

I got to pick the items myself from Ponyo House and it was so difficult to choose. They have so many super adorable Studio Ghibli items - in fact, the whole store is dedicated to Ghibli. I hope you are happy with what I picked. I wanted to choose everything, lol.

I often get messages and comments when I do giveaways, asking where people can find the items from the giveaway. Well this time, you not only know where to go, but Ponyo House have also provided us with a discount code that we can use to get 10% off, which is “OHTOTORO”.

Anyway, the winner of the giveaway will get ALL THREE of the amazing figures shown above! I am so jealous, as they’re sitting on my cabiinette and I’d love to be able own them myself one day!


  1. You must be following oh-totoro
    - As I want the prize to go to one of my followers.
  2. You must reblog this post.
    - Each rebog counts as an entry. Maximum of one a day. No spam!
  3. A photo of the winner and their prize would be greatly appreciated so I can reblog it to oh-totoro, but this is not a requirement.



Saturday 3rd December 2016 (and will be announced one week later)

I will contact the winner on this date and give them 48 hours to respond to my ask/message. If I don’t receive a response in that period, I will redraw. This will also be the case if asks are not enabled. Please make sure your asks are enabled.


Everybody. Anybody. I will post to any country. ^____^

Good luck! ^___^ xox

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